December 18, 2013

Fedora 20 installation

Fedora 20 was released yesterday and I managed to download the DVD by this morning. Pretty soon I found myself installing it in a virtual machine.

The installation procedure was mostly smooth. Few annoyances from Fedora 19 still lingers. When I was installing Fedora 19 for the first time, I clicked "Installation Destination" expecting to see some mechanisms to partition the disk; couldn't find it there. You have to click "Done" to see that - not very intuitive. The story is no different in Fedora 20. You can partition it either automatically or manually once you get that screen.

The software selection is still a bit of disappointment. There are some pre-configured profiles/environments/settings. It is difficult to customize the software selection from here. I guess I need to try this part once again to see how selecting software from different profiles/environments works. Since I use KDE, went with KDE Plasma Workspaces. I remember selecting Firefox somewhere but it was not installed!

The installation process went through without problems. However it took a while (about 10 to 15mins) in the post-installation setup tasks though - may be because it was running in VirtualBox.

After a reboot, I was able to log in to KDE (4.11.3).  Within few minutes of logging in, package kit told me that updates were available for 177 packages :)

Didn't try the new installation much, but will be testing it bit more in the coming days.

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