August 9, 2013

DIY Bookends

I've been thinking of making some bookends out of Aluminum/Steel sheets to prevent the books in my bookshelf from falling sideways. As I didn't have right tools to cut the sheets the idea remained idea itself. Today when I saw one of the bicycle spokes I got for a DIY project, I got an idea and implemented it. Here are the steps :
  1. Get enough 12 inch bicycle spokes. (Apparently the bicycle spokes are still measured in inches).
  2. Cut away the 90 degree fold if present and file away the sharp edges.
  3. Make three equally spaced marking (1, 2 & 3) along the spokes dividing it into four equal parts.
  4. Bend the spoke at the marking at the middle (marking 2) to 30 to 45 degrees. If you are not careful, you might bend the spoke at the other places as well. To prevent this, use two empty pens to hold the spoke as shown in the photo.
  5. Now bend the spokes at marking 1 & 3 perpendicular to the plane of the bend at marking 2.
  6. Adjust the angles if necessary.
  7. No more falling books :)

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