January 29, 2014

Standardizing glyph names in Unicode fonts

On New year's eve, Rajeesh K Nambiar  conducted a nice font training session. During the session he mentioned that the glyph names in different Malayalam Unicode fonts maintained by SMC are not standardized and this is causing a bit of problems in the maintenance of different fonts.

Here is a small utility I have developed that will help in renaming the glyphs in the font SFD files : https://github.com/primejyothi/glyphRen

It takes a reference file that contains the Unicode Code points and the corresponding names and rename the glyphs in the SFD file based on that. The composite characters will be renamed based on the constituent glyphs.

Hope this utility will make things little bit easy for the font maintainers.

This program is dedicated to Rajeesh for teaching me the first glyphs of Malayalam fonts.

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